Last Call Anna - In this corner we have the champion lightweight notebook weighing in at merely 6.2 pounds and priced to fight the competition at an afford $850 dollars. Myspesifikasilaptop. This fashionable notebook computer comes in your choice of three different colors.

Your first impression of this notebook is that it is a powerful performing machine, which boasts of a Mobile Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5250 clocked at a pace of 1.5GHz, and operating at a bus speed of 667 MHz. Accompanying this notebook Sony has provided a roomy 200 GB hard drive coupled to 1 GB of RAM memory. Harga laptop hp. Here we have the perfect student notebook computer ready for any assignment.


Its operating system is a genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium edition, which is easy to use and features many new entertainment and security features. Additional software includes a 90-day risk free trial of AOL, 60-day trial for Norton 360 All-In-One Security, Microsoft Works SE 9.0 with a 60-Day Trial of Microsoft Office Home. Harga HP Pavilion X2. Also included are several of Sony’s copyrighted software programs made specifically for their notebook computer.

This is truly an everyday computer providing both the ability for a busy schedule of productivity or for simply entertainment purposes. With its one touch access to your most frequently used media you are well on your way to enjoying the added AV Mode. It features a Windows compatible sound system, which provides ample quality sound either with or without earphone connection. Harga Notebook HP. Now you can sit back and enjoy your favorite MP3 music or watch the latest videos from the comfort of your easy chair.

With it is built in 24-speed CD/DVD optical drive you can quickly and easily backup and store your valuable data or perhaps build an active media library of music, photos, or movies.

This unit features Laptop Sony’s original 15.4 WXGA “XBRITE-ECO” LCD style technology which delivers extremely sharp, detailed images that are crisp with exciting and bold colors and having a resolution of 1280 x 800. Of particular interest is this notebook is conservative when it comes to its Lithium-ion Battery life, which lasts for almost 5 hours. Included on the video card is 251 MB of available graphics memory so you know you will not run out when playing those memory intense video games.

Connectivity options include 4 USB ports, ExpressCard, SD card, and the Memory Stick slots. Its stylish modern design offers clean lines, harga acer aspire one. textured chassis design that tends to give the VAIO NR a very fashionable feel and look.

The VAIO NR notebook proudly features its bright white color matte finish, which actively calls attention to its rounded corners and the ingenious hidden construction seams.

For connecting to the World Wide Net this Sony notebook comes with an integrated V.92 modem with its associated RJ-11 connection as well as providing the user with the popular PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Networks Connector. Harga laptop terbaru 2017. As with all of Sony’s fine products, this notebook computer comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty and full telephone support via a toll-free number.


Last Call Anna - The HP Pavilion TX2110US 12.1” Laptop is a tablet PC that is said to be light weight in pounds, but heavy in performance. It is also said to be great for presentations due to its 180-degree swiveling 12.1 inch touchscreen display. This also folds flat to make it a convenient little lap “desk.” Weighing only 4.5 pounds, it is easily transported from location to location.

The HP Pavilion TX2110US 12.1 laptop comes with an integrated fingerprint reader which offers better security by using fingerprints in place of the usual passwords to access online accounts. Myspesifikasi laptop. It is set up so that if more than one person uses the laptop, each person can have his own fingerprint login.


The hard drive is a 250 GB Serial ATA that provides 5400 RPM, along with 3 GB of installed RAM that boosts the memory in the video card. This makes watching DVDs much easier and with better quality. It comes with a DVD/CD drive, and includes Bluetooth connectivity that will let you communicate with other Bluetooth enabled products such as PDAs and cellphones, harga laptop terbaru 2017. The operating system included is Windows Vista Home Premium.

The HP Pavilion TX2110US seems to be liked by most people who have purchased one. A big advantage is that a full version of Microsoft OneNote 2007 and Corel Painter Essentials 4 comes with it absolutely free. These include full licenses. Another selling point seems to be the quality of the screen images.

Some owners of this laptop have had issues with it becoming too hot during use. However, others had no issue with this at all. Harga HP Pavilion X2. Another problem seems to be with the GeForce 6150 card. It is apparently not updated and you will not be able to play most modern games on it.

Another complaint has little to do with the laptop itself, but rather with the Vista operating system. This seems to be one of those things that people either hate or love. There is really no middle ground here. The people who love it also love this laptop and say that they wouldn’t use anything else. Opponents of Vista say it runs like sludge or worse. The answer to this one seems to be changing to another operating system.

There were a few complaints with regard to sound quality and the weight of the laptop. Sound quality was described as “not great,” but “not horrible,” either. As for the weight issue, that did not seem to be a huge negative with regard to buying this laptop. Daftar harga laptop hp. It was just mentioned because the product is advertised as being light weight.

The majority of people who purchased the HP Pavilion TX2110US were pleased over all with its performance. They recommend buying it to others. The owners who did not like this laptop felt just as strongly about the downside of owning it as the ones who felt is was a great deal. Harga HP Pavilion 14. The two biggest issues for those who don’t recommend it were the over heating and the Vista operating system.

Before purchasing one for yourself, you may want to try talking to present owners of the HP Pavilion TX2110US. Word of mouth is the best way to find out everything you need to know before spending that much money.


Last Call Anna - HP, one of the most leading technology companies in the world, offers a wide range of services and is considered to be highly innovative. HP has hands on with all range and varieties of computers right from desktops personal computers to laptops to notebook PCs to servers to latest printers. Also on the other hand we have as the legend in online shopping. When there is a product that comes in, hand in hand with these two giants, who would ever miss the opportunity to grab the product? Yes the buzzword of the computer freaks is about the latest HP Pavilion Artist Edition.


The HP Pavilion artist edition is supposed to be one of the coolest laptops both inside as well outside. This laptop is supposed to be “the notebook with the soul of an artist”. The laptop has a unique art bestowed on it entirely. This art was carefully chosen from the 8500 entries of the contest and this is done in order to bring delight to the customer’s senses. This is one of the significant features of this laptop. Not only this, but there are so many other hot features inside which would induce the customers to grab this laptop, harga laptop hp 2017. The laptop has a 14.1’’ monitor with Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 Processor. It has a 3GB RAM, 250 GB Hard drive, DVD Drive and the inbuilt operating system of Windows Vista premium. These are the basic highlights of this laptop. The best feel that it gives to its customer is the minimal weight of this laptop, which makes us easy to carry, and it is mobile.

The Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a speed of 1.83 GHz is extremely efficient and very fast. It helps us to open any number of simultaneous windows. It can bring about effective multitasking. Since it is the simultaneous duo execution in a single processor, this does not increase the power consumption too. Harga laptop terbaru 2017. This helps us to run even a high degree graphical game as well as an anti virus scan at the same time without bringing about any disturbance. The 3 GB RAM is a very great advantage with respect to the system’s efficiency. The storage space of 250GB is a lot more than what any other notebook PC has ever offered. It has easily helped us to store the various documents and all other digital files.

The media features are supposed to be the other highlights. It has a very high video clarity and the stereo sound is very effective. Laptop hp. Yet another significant feature is that of the Dual layer DVD/CD drive that can help artists to burn their own components and as well they can burn in the labels of their own choice.

Also, there are various other networking features such as the USB 2.0, FireWire in order to connect all peripherals such as digital cameras, MP3, digital video camrecorders etc. It has inbuilt bluetooth and also IR receiver and so many other extraordinary features. Above all, it has the most reliable Widows Vista Home Premium operating System and Wifi features. Importantly, Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008 protects the laptop.

The relishing news to the customers is that of its affordable price which comes to 996.62$ when the shopping is done in Amazon. Harga HP Pavilion X2. We can save upto 3.37$ and so many other special offers. So if you are looking for the best-branded laptops with unique specialties and features, then you are perfect to land up with a HP Pavilion Artist Edition at


Last Call Anna - The HP Pavilion DV9820US laptop is another edition from HP. The laptop is beautifully built with a glossy eccentric or wavy finish, which gives it a look to associate with. It comes with a wide 17-inch LCD screen for the best viewing of your work, movie, or your favorite TV show. In this laptop, HP has risen above any possible competition, as the specifications will witness. Its design has external controls that can even use remote etched on the Expresscard slot from a distance of about three meters, harga laptop terbaru 2017. Another magical feature is the ability to by pass the booting when you want to enjoy entertainment features as music. Its weight is fairly light considering the work it does. Two pounds are a load you can carry anywhere.


Harga HP Pavilion X2. Conveniently powered by a 2.2 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 dual-core processor, which allows multitasking; the laptop is a machine to reckon. The storage space is enormous with a 250 GB hard disk to store everything including your entertainment DVDs. Its RAM is 4 GB way above the competitors. The DVD drive incorporated is the latest and has LightScribe dual layer reader that allows the best quality DVD read and CD burn. In addition, it gives you rest as it has the hardware functioning alert mode. This will warns you if any hardware is about to malfunction thus you rectify in time.

On top of the above it has 4 USB slots for all your external linkage, has WiFi, WireFire, VGA, S-Video, Expresscard and 5 in 1memory card. All these combined give the best connectivity to all other peripheral hardware you may want and are rarely found in other laptops. Harga notebook HP. The integration of the 1.3-megapixel WebCam and internal microphone simplifies you online meeting as VoIP and video conferencing. In other brands and models of laptops these tools are mostly purchased separately thus increasing the cost. In addition, their exposure leads to being spoilt easily.

The HP Pavilion DV9820US also comes with a licensed Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (Service pack 1) which allows you to use the windows Media center turning your computer into one full entertainment equipment; mobile home theatre. Myspesifikasi laptop. The laptop which proves to be the ‘in thing’ of tomorrow also has the facility to record even your TV shows and comes with the parental control facility where you can censor what its users can view or listen to.

Compared against other technically inferior laptops the pricing is throw away. With all the features; LightScribe dual DVD layer reader, remote control, bootless entertainment, the exterior finish, the connectivity and others, it should cost to the range of two thousand dollars. The high HP technology has served every laptop user right, for prices are very nominal. The distribution or availability is easy for this laptop and purchases can be made online.

Kudos to Laptop HP for the amazing product that if purchased by a person he will have along usage time before the rest laptop makers unveils anything near it. I wonder what you will give us next. We look forward to seeing more from you soon. Keep it up HP!


Last Call Anna - The HP Pavilion DV6880SE is a laptop that is designed to ensure quality entertainment as well as be a strong support when it gets down having some work done! Given the stylish looks and the sleek design, the HP Pavilion should suit today’s zippy and quick lifestyle. With dimensions of 14x 14.5 and a width of 1.6 inches, the HP Pavilion DV6880SE weights ten pounds, and that is almost equal, if not less than other laptops available in this price range. Currently, it is available in silver and ceramic white. The HP Pavilion DV6880SE is not just high on style and looks, because under the style and looks lies a mean machine that gets your work done – and with style.The first thing that you would see while going through the laptop is their external buttons to play music and launch DVDs, clearly something HP has picked up from other laptop companies, but this only goes to show that HP does believe in enhancing their products every now and then, even if they are one of the highest market leaders in laptops and computers, harga laptop terbaru. You can play music via the HP Quick Play, a special media playing software that can be accessed by bypassing the booting process.


The HP Pavilion DV6880SE also comes with a wireless, external remote with the help of which you can access the media features of the laptop from a distance of ten feet, quite a good feature if you intend to use your laptop as a movie viewer while moving around the house. In addition, oh, the 15.4” monitor does impress you with its Bright View Display. With the Bright View display technology, the media looks good even under direct sunlight. Moreover, yes, the HP remote can be stored quite conveniently in the Express card slot. Yes, HP has taken care of geeks who would worry more about whether their OS is getting an advanced update as compared to a slim, couple of inches long remote control! 

Laptop HP. Along with the entertainment value, HP has not compromised when it comes to the computing power of the laptop. At its core lies the Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 processor. Most of the computing today can be handled by a Core 2 Duo laptop. Of course, they have come with the Quadcore already, but Core 2 Duo and Dual 2 Core are standard computers and laptops for today’s computing. Core 2 Duo is the advanced version of Dual 2 Core. The T5550 processor is has a processor speed of 1.83 GHz.

The HP Pavilion DV6880SE notebook has a 250 GB hard disk and has 3 GB of installed RAM. You can upgrade it until 4 GB. It has an 8x dual layer DVD RW drive. An Express card slot makes it easier for you to upgrade your machine. Harga laptop hp. Heavy graphics users will like the laptop a lot more, because it comes with the Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS, which has a total of 1535 MB of video memory, quite nice for playing the latest games and software. It has an inbuilt webcam and microphone, which is built into its bezel, therefore making video chatting comfort for many.
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Work law recast to add more leave to maternity, tip to be made versatile

Work law recast to add more leave to maternity, tip to be made versatile
The Narendra Modi-drove NDA government is hoping to improve maternity leave for working ladies from three months to six months, basically twofold extra installments to representatives and make tip convenient between employments. These proposed changes in job laws could support the Modi government's qualifications with the average workers while it endeavors to push through more eager changes in labor decides that are rebuked for hampering venture and occupation creation in the nation.

"The adjustments in the Payment of Bonus Act would raise as far as possible for getting a reward from Rs 10,000 for every month to Rs 19,000, and are at a propelled stage with a draft Cabinet note being moved not long ago for remarks from services," said a senior work service official. Independently, the administration is starting partner discussions to alter the Maternity Benefits Act of 1961 and the Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972, the authority included.

As of now, organizations are legitimately needed to allow 12 weeks of maternity leave to workers however a few driving head honchos offer extra time off and different advantages. Case in point, Accenture offers five months off to new moms while Flipkart offers 24 weeks paid leave. Citibank additionally offers a creche recompense to new moms, as do some other multinational firms and venture banks.

"The service of ladies and tyke improvement has been seeking after this with us widely as it is essentially in charge of ladies' welfare, so we are confining a proposition to commence chats with managers and exchange unions on upgrading the maternity leave to 24 weeks," the authority said. One choice being considered is to constrain the upgraded maternity leave to two youngsters and a representative having a third tyke would be conceded 12 weeks off, in accordance with the present standard.


Comparable tripartite dialogs are likewise being dispatched on correcting the tip law to get rid of the prerequisite that representatives serve no less than five years in a solitary work environment to be qualified for the advantage.

Worker agents have been looking for a lessening in the five-year ceaseless administration condition to fit the bill for tip and the government managed savings advisory group of the Indian Labor Conference had embraced the thought in May 2013.

"While we are looking at the likelihood of lessening the five-year qualification for tip advantages, this necessity would be excess on the off chance that we permit tip to be exchanged starting with one occupation then onto the next. So we are taking a gander at both the alternatives," the authority said.

The Payment of Bonus Act of 1965, normal to be the first of the three laws for which corrections will come up for the Cabinet's thought, sets two numerical roofs for constraining reward payouts to laborers.

All workers gaining up to Rs 10,000 a month are qualified for a base reward of 8.33% of their yearly compensation and a most extreme of 20%. This roof considers any efficiency connected reward that head honchos may offer.

The Rs 10,000 compensation cut-off is utilized for qualification purposes and genuine extra installments are connected to a different 'count roof'. Extra installments for anybody procuring more than Rs 3,500 a month are made accepting his or her compensation is Rs 3,500 for every month. Both these edges were last reexamined in 2006. After tripartite discussions with businesses and representatives yielded no agreement before the end of last year, the legislature had alluded the Bonus Act revisions to a between pastoral gathering that has now prescribed both edges be brought up in accordance with changes in the customer value record following 2006.

The new roofs under the Bonus Act are liable to be Rs 19,000 for every month (pay limit for qualification) and Rs 6,600 (compensation limit for reward computation purposes).

Blaupunkt Sonido x 1 +: just for the music Enthusiast

Blaupunkt Sonido x 1 +: just for the music Enthusiast
If most of the cell phone or camera performance side suggested a powerful tool, the selected strategy for Blaupunkt phones altogether. The company of origin Germany chooses accentuates the ability of audio, but not from his mobile phone but rather from the included headphones.

Yes, unlike other cell phones that include only the hands free, Blaupunkt Sonido X 1 +detikINET review have distinctive styles of carving include headphones in the package. The quality is not messing around because the included headphones Blaupunkt claimis one of the best products.

But even though it accentuates the sound also from the headphone, Sonidospecifications x 1 + also cannot be taken lightly. So did the design enough to lureprospective customers.